Aircraft Management

Executive Management Services

M2 Jets aircraft management division specializes in professionally managing your aircraft for personal or investment purposes. Our aircraft managers and operators allow you as an owner to never have to worry about your aircraft being flight-ready. You will also never have to face any of the operational complexities of staffing your own flight department. Whether you own one jet or multiple aircrafts, M2 Jets can significantly improve your service level while reducing the total cost of flight operations. We also specialize in sells and acquisitions and have a global network which has access to any type of aircraft. Whether your an avid flyer or an entrepreneur seeking the best opportunity, M2 Jets is able to strategize the best plan for you.

Aircraft Acquisition Services

M2 Jets is a trusted company in assisting corporations and individuals in acquiring a new or pre-owned aircrafts. We have a proven model that provides precise insight into the current and future marketplace. Our global network enables us to identify the most desirable aircraft available for purchase prior to being listed to the open market. The M2 Jets acquisition team includes some of the top aviation analysts and researchers. We create very unique opportunities by giving you access to the best available aircrafts for sale. Our reputation around the globe as strong advocates for our clients always gives us the advantage when negotiating the best deal for you.

Aircraft Listing Services

Listing an aircraft for sale with M2 Jets not only gives you the advantage amongst other competitors, it also inserts you into a powerful network of aircraft sales professionals throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and India. Our marketing experts have years of experience in branding aircrafts to highly qualified and carefully screened buyers. Our leadership in pre-owned jet sales have resulted in a number of successful transactions since our inception.

Charter Revenue

We have created a comprehensive business model to not only offset the cost of ownership but to also allow you to make a return or your investment. Your aircraft will be flown and managed by a designated M2 crew and will only have the most elite passengers on board. This results in your aircraft always being available whenever you need it, while also creating charter revenue as an aviation asset. Many of our clients enjoy more than a million dollars per year in offsetting revenue.

Meeting and Exceeding FAA Standards in Maintenance and Inspections

M2 Jets private jet management includes all aspects of scheduling, dispatch, flight following, and reservation of landing slots, as well as ground transportation and other arrangements to meet your travel needs. We hire and train all of our pilots and flight attendants and provide them with recurrent training and testing that exceeds FAA requirements. You will always have a crew that knows your aircraft inside and out, and is dedicated to its safety and performance. M2 Jets expert maintenance team enables you to fly confidently by meeting and exceeding FAA requirements in scheduled maintenance and inspections.

Safety First

In addition to meeting all FAA requirements and manufacturer service bulletins, we provide the maintenance and inspections necessary to assure the safe and comfortable operation of your aircraft. Rated in the top safety categories of ARG/US, Wyvern Wingman Alliance and IS-BAO, you can rest assured that our employees and our facilities offer you the highest level of flight safety.