Hey there, beautiful soul. I'm Bret Lockett.

My Story


My life has been quite the voyage, from the adrenaline-filled NFL stadiums to the serene spaces where hearts connect. It's here, in the quiet moments of reflection, that I discovered my true passion—cultivating relationships and love. But it's not just about romantic love.

It's about a deeper journey, one of liberating and awakening humanity, of leveling the playing field so that we can all thrive. For me, thriving means loving every part of ourselves—the brilliant and the flawed. It's a lesson I've learned well, a journey of self-love that's been as challenging as it has been rewarding. My time in the NFL was a showcase of what the ego is capable of when driven by fear. Yet, in the last decade, my life has been a testament to the power of love, which I've seen triumph time and time again. Bringing people together, helping them transform and tap into the abundance that life offers, is what fills my soul.

I firmly believe we're all meant to flourish and become the grandest versions of ourselves. My deepest wish? That every person who graces this earth, whether briefly or for a century, discovers and reaches their utmost potential. So let's walk this path together. I welcome you to finding the greatest light that resides inside you.