Welcome to a world where transformation, love, and deep connection aren't just ideals—they're a reality we can create together.

Love & Relationships

My name is Bret Lockett,

Though my journey has twisted and turned through the realms of sports, business consulting, and high-performance coaching, it's love and relationship coaching that truly found me. Now, I'm here to guide you toward realizing the most fulfilling aspects of your life: your relationships.

Why begin on this journey with me?

 The fabric of our lives is woven with relationships, yet so few of us have been shown how to nurture them with intention and depth. My approach? It's unique—far beyond the themes of communication techniques or understanding love languages. I dive deep into the essence of who we are, shaped by every life we've lived, every choice we've made. Through the insights of the Gene Keys—a system marrying the wisdom of astrology with the Chinese, I Ching—I've unlocked transformative ways of experiencing love like never before.  


Why am I the guide you've been searching for?

My combination of scientific rigor and spiritual depth sets me apart. With a foundation in peak performance science from my days with the Flow Research Collective and certifications in transformative practices like breathwork and somatic healing, I bring a holistic view to your journey. But it's my mastery of the Gene Keys that truly allows me to guide you through your relationships and inner world in ways others simply cannot.    





 How will I help you transform?

Imagine peering into your very DNA to understand the fears, desires, and untapped potential within, and using that knowledge to transform not just your relationships, but yourself.


With me, you will: 

What does life look like after our work together?

You'll emerge with more than just a toolkit for nurturing your relationships; you'll have a transformed perspective on love and connection. You'll navigate life with newfound clarity, purpose, and joy, deeply rooted in the most significant relationship you have—the one with yourself. Your relationships will blossom into sources of strength, inspiration, and endless growth.

This isn't just coaching—it's a pathway to a new way of living and loving. If you're ready to dive deep and unlock the door to a life rich with meaningful relationships and love, I'm here to walk beside you every step of the way. Let's create the life and love you've always dreamed of, together.


Imagine stepping into a space where your true genius is not just acknowledged but celebrated and nurtured.

This is your personal invitation to begin a transformative journey towards realizing your deepest potential and sharing your unique gifts with the world. I am Bret Lockett, and my path has brought me through several different places, from sports to business consulting, to high-performance coaching, leading me to discover my true passion: guiding individuals like you towards a life of deep fulfillment, joy, and purpose. You might wonder, why this journey, and why now? It's simple. Inside you lies untapped potential, a genius waiting to be realized, yet the path to discover it is not one we're often taught to navigate. My journey has equipped me with a tool box of scientific insights and spiritual wisdom, allowing me to offer you a guiding hand towards self-discovery and transformation.


Here's a glimpse of what our journey together will entail:



As we journey together, you will find yourself transforming, not just in how you see yourself, but in how you engage with the world.

This transformation is profound, leading you to a life where each day is lived with clarity, purpose, and joy. This journey is not just about achieving transient goals; it's about reshaping your entire existence to one that resonates with your truest self. If you're ready to begin this transformative journey, to not just dream of a life of fulfillment and joy but to make it your reality, I am here to guide you. Together, we will unlock the life you've always envisioned, a life where you are fully alive, contributing your unique gifts, and thriving in every way. Let’s embark on this journey together.